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face of a prisoner

Zipped file containing plugins, content, and custom theme for replicating the Communicating with Prisoners ortext, experimenting with it, and building your own ortext in WordPress.

This dataset is a zipped content and code archive for this site. After downloading it, you first need to unzip it to find the contents listed below. You can usually unzip the file by double-clicking on it to start the unzip process.

The archive contains some content redundancy. The redundancy expands options for addressing technical challenges. The redundancy also provides flexibility in viewing and using the content.

Note that internal links within the site archive have the URL base localhost/wordpress So do the source URL’s for images. If you want to replicate this site on your own server at a different address, you have to re-write the base for the internal links.

Dataset contents:

  1. Communicating with Prisoners WordPress database as a SQL archive file. This file provides all the WordPress content and the theme setup. It’s a gzipped file of SQL statements for recreating the Communicating with Prisoners content tables. Importing the SQL file directly into the WordPress installation database is the simplest way to replicate this site. The SQL database archive file is named backup_{date}_communicating_with_prisoners_{id string}-db.gz
    Note: do not share publicly an archive of your WordPress site. We have carefully crafted the above archive so as to address the security issues involved in sharing such an archive.
  2. Communicating with Prisoners content as a WordPress XML export file. The WordPress XML export file was created using the native WordPress export function to export all site content. The WordPress XML export file doesn’t include the site’s graphs and images. Those are in the uploads folder. It also doesn’t include the tables. Those have to be imported separately. The XML export file is named communicatingwithprisoners.wordpress.{date}.xml
  3. TablePress export file. TablePress tables exported with the native TablePress functionality. The export format is JSON, one file per table, compressed into a standard zip file. The TablePress export file is named tablepress-export-{data and time}
  4. TablePress custom css file. For the Communicating with Prisoners ortext, the contents of this file belongs in the custom css box at TablePress -> Plugin Options. The file is tablespress-custom-css.txt
  5. Zipped WordPress uploads folder. This folder (unzipped) is in wp-content in a standard WordPress installation. For this ortext, the uploads folder contains WordPress natively uploaded media (graphs and photos). It also contains the data and faces folders. The zipped uploads folder is named backup_{date}_communicating_prisoners_{id string}
  6. The data folder. The data folder contains spreadsheet datasets used in this ortext in Excel and OpenOffice file formats in subfolders excel and openoffice, respectively. This folder includes manifest.csv which describes hosting urls for dataset versions. You can edit this file and re-import it to change the hosting of datasets. A convenient way to modify manifest.csv is via the manifest-admin workbook. The data folder is within the zipped uploads folder.
  7. The faces folder. The faces folder contains faces of prisoners displayed randomly within the Communicating with Prisoners ortext. These images, which were collected from public postings on the web, are directly relevant to communicating with prisoners. Do not use these images inappropriately. The faces folder is within the zipped uploads folder.
  8. Zipped ortext theme folder. Contains the custom Ortext theme (ortext folder) for presenting this ortext. It is in the file named backup_{date}_communicating_prisoners_{id string}
  9. Zipped WordPress plugins folder. This folder includes the Ortext Formatting plugin (otx-format folder), the Ortext Datalinks plugin (otx-datalinks folder), The plugins folder also includes the excellent TablePress plugin (tablepress folder) available under a GPL license. These are plugins you need to upload and activate to view the Communicating with Prisoners ortext. The zipped plugins folder is named backup_{date}_communicating_prisoners_{id string}
  10. Ortext BibTex Importer plugin. Unless you’re importing BibTex references, you don’t need this plugin. Good security practice is not to have on a public server a plugin that you’re not using. The zipped plugin file is
  11. Zipped Ortext Build plugin. The Ortext Build plugin is used for custom timelining and internal key-linking in building an ortext. It also provides a framework for running utility functions, including flipping between key links and full-url permalinks. Because the operations the plugins performs are relatively vulnerable to security exploits, don’t move this plugin to a public accessible webserver unless you really know what you’re doing. The zipped plugin file is
  12. BibTex reference file. The Ortext BibTex Importer plugin imported the references into the Communicating with Prisoners ortext using files like this one. The references are already included in the ortext SQL database and XML export files. The BibTex reference file gives you an alternative source for working with the references. It was created as an EndNote export file. The BibTex reference file is named references.txt

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