Rationalizing Anti-Men Domestic-violence Gender Stereotyping

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Examples of rationalizations for using anti-men domestic-violence gender stereotyping in published law journal articles addressing domestic violence.

Readily available, high-quality data indicates that men are victims in over a quarter of instances of serious domestic violence. Nonetheless, anti-men gender-stereotyping of domestic violence is pervasive. This dataset provides instances of rationalizing anti-men domestic-violence gender-stereotyping in U.S. law reviews. Law reviews formally emphasize reasoned arguments and rational actions and positions. That discursive disposition encourages giving explicit reasons for employing domestic-violence gender stereotypes. On the other hand, law reviews have performed worse than other discursive fields in moving away from making grotesquely false, publicly damaging claims about domestic violence against women.

These gender-stereotyping rationalizations were not collected through a formal sampling frame, but they appear to be representative of such justifications. The dataset includes the relevant text and bibliographic information for citing the source texts.

Dataset sheets:

  • stereotyping rationalizations: full citations and relevant text of instances of rationalizing anti-men domestic-violence gender stereotyping in U.S. law reviews

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