Arrests for Domestic Violence in Rhode Island, 1999-2002

face of a prisoner

Police reports of domestic violence incidents in Rhode Island, by police department, biannually 1999-2002, with sex of victim and suspect and dual arrests.

Dataset sheets:

  • arrests: police-reported domestic violence incidents, categorized by arrest, no arrest, and under investigation, by police department, biannually 1999-2002 (see list code)
  • dual arrests: arrests for domestic violence, categorized as arrest, dual arrests, and “multiple involvements,” apparently incident-based counts, biannually 1999-2002 (see list code)
  • arrests gender: sex of police-identified victim and suspect in domestic-violence incidents reported to the Rhode Island police, biannually 1999-2002
  • restricted sample: suspects and persons arrested in heterosexual Intimate partner violence, excluding dual arrests

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