Punishment Sentences by Sex at Old Bailey, 1674-1913

face of a prisoner

Punishment sentences by category and subcategory, yearly by sex, for cases in the Old Bailey court, London, from 1674-1913. Counts are of persons sentenced to specified punishments.

Thanks to Old Bailey Online for making the Old Bailey proceedings publicly accessible. Old Bailey Online is a great contribution to public understanding of the criminal justice system.

Dataset sheets:

  • punishment summary: punishment sentences at the Old Bailey, London, total 1674-1913, with tables by sex and reported punishment sentence categories, by sex and reported punishment categories with verdict coded as guilty, by sex and reported punishment subcategories; punishment sentence categories cross-tabulated by verdict categories. Note that these are sentencing statistics, not statistics on implemented punishments. A large share of persons sentenced to death were respited / pardoned.
  • rise of prison: punishment sentence categories by year, 1674-1913; sentences to imprisonment rare before 1775, common after 1820. Note that statistics on persons sentenced to prison, like statistics on persons committed to prison, are a flow concept that differs fundamentally from statistics on persons in prison.
  • punishment type by year: punishment sentence categories, 1674-1913, totals by sex and year; use for building summary tabulations
  • pt by year with guilty verdict: same as previous, but limited to punishment sentences recorded with guilty verdict
  • pt by year for subcategories: punishment sentence subcategories, 1674-1913, totals by sex and year; use for building summary tabulations

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