Prisoner Deaths in U.S. State Prisons, 1820 to 1843

face of a prisoner

Prisoner deaths, prison populations, and death rates yearly for a cross-section of U.S. state prisons, 1820 to 1843. Some data on race and sex. Comparison to over-all U.S. population.

Dataset sheets:

  • prison deaths summary: prisoner death rates under separate and silent systems compared across 1820-1843
  • race sex: prisoners death rates by race and sex for prisons providing such data, 1830-1844
  • death rate table: prisoner deaths in U.S. state prisons, 1820-1843, by prison, year, and confinement system (separate or silent)
  • tabulated dataset: long form of death rate table
  • general population deaths: estimate of the overall U.S. death rate in 1850 for males and females ages 20-49

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