U.S. Historical Population Statistics from 1790

face of a prisoner

Population yearly and by sex from 1820; population by state 1790-2010; summary data from national population censuses, 1790-2010; population by age, race, and sex from 1950.

Dataset sheets:

  • yearly: total population yearly, 1820-2010
  • by sex: population by sex from 1820, yearly from 1900
  • by state {various sheets}: population by state 1790-2010
  • national censuses: total population at national census years, 1790-2010
  • age race sex from 1950: three-way cross-tabulation, 1950, 1960, 1970, yearly from 1980
  • other pop stats: mainly historical statistics on population age distribution
  • {source sheets}: copies of population data in official source tables

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