Executions Yearly by Sex in Australia from 1819

face of a prisoner

Penal executions in Australia, by year, sex, and state/territory, 1819-1967. Compares statistics from Source Book of Australian criminal & social statistics to those compiled from the Schrepper-Clark list.

In Australia from 1870 to 1967, 379 males and 10 females were executed under the legal death penalty. Use of the death penalty decreased greatly over time. From 1870 to 1879, 93 males and 2 females were executed. From 1950 to 1967, 15 males and 1 female were executed. By 1984, the death penalty had been abolished in all Australian states.

The death penalty in Australia, like imprisonment, has historically been highly skewed toward punishing men.

Dataset sheets:

  • Schrepper-Clark stats: summary counts of males and females executed per year from 1870
  • sourcebook: execution statistics for Australia and the Australian state of Victoria, 1819-1967, by year; from Source book of Australian criminal & social statistics, 1804-1988
  • stat comparison: compares Schrepper-Clark execution counts to sourcebook execution counts
  • Schrepper-Clark list: list of specific persons executed, with sex, name, age, race, state/territory, city, and execution date
  • misc stats: additional statistics on Australian executions from other sources, including Douglas & Laster (1991) data on death-penalty charging, conviction, execution by sex.

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