Convicts Transported to American from England and Wales, 1716-1775

face of a prisoner

Convicts transported to America, 1716-1775, totals by year and sex. Convicts transported from London, Middlesex, and the Home Counties by voyage, totaled and scaled up to England and Wales and separated by sex.

After 1775, British convicts were transported to Australia.

Dataset sheets:

  • year totals: estimated convicts transported to American from England and Wales, annually by sex, 1716-1775
  • scaling LMHC to EW: parameters for scaling transports from London, Middlex, and Home Counties (LMHC) to transports from England and Wales (EW), 1716-75
  • sentenced from Old Bailey: convicts sentenced to transportation at the Old Bailey, annually by sex from 1674; used to estimate sentenced EW sex ratio yearly
  • scaling sentenced sr to actual: many persons sentenced to be transported weren’t actually transported; estimated actual/sentenced sex ratio
  • by all places, 1769-76: convicts ordered for transportation in England and Wales, from Nov. 1, 1769 to Nov. 1, 1776
  • by some places, 1760-72: convicts in some circuits of England and Wales sentenced or actually transported, 1750-72
  • by ship from LMHC: Convicts transported to American from London, Middlesex, and the Home Counties (counties about London), by ship, 1716-1775
  • other data: American-side data on convicts transported to America from England and Wales

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