Spectator Business at Early 19th-Century U.S. Prisons

face of a prisoner
Reference point: Eastern State spectators

Spectator counts and spectator revenue for U.S. state prisons in the 1840s, with time series 1820 to 1862 for Auburn State Prison, New York; and 1829 to 1902 for Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania.

Dataset sheets:

  • spectators vs. Auburn pop: Auburn State Prison spectators and Auburn resident population, by decade, 1820-1860
  • NY monthly spectators: Monthly spectators (visitors) at New York State Prisons, 1831-1862, individually for Auburn State Prison, Clinton State Prison, and Sing Sing State Prison
  • US prison spectator revenue: spectator (visitor) revenue at U.S. Prisons, various, prison-specific data, 1820 to 1850
  • Eastern State spectators: annual spectators (visitors) at Eastern State Penitentiary, PA, various year, 1829-1902

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