Robinson-1996-FN The Frankenstein notebooks

face of a prisoner

reference-type: Book
author: Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft and Robinson, Charles E.
year: 1996
title: The Frankenstein notebooks
series: Manuscripts of the younger romantics
place-published: New York
publisher: Garland Pub.
note: [transcription and commentary] by Charles E. Robinson. ill. ; 32 cm. Shelley ; 9 “A facsimile edition of Mary Shelley’s manuscript novel, 1816-17 (with alterations in the hand of Percy Bysshe Shelley) as it survives in draft and fair copy deposited by Lord Abinger in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Dep. c. 477/1 and Dep. c. 534/1-2).” Pt. 1. Draft notebook A. — pt. 2. Draft notebook B and fair-copy notebooks C1 and C2.
pages: 2 v. (cx, 827 p.)
otx-key: Robinson-1996-FN

Online version of the Frankenstein Notebooks at the Shelley-Godwin Archive

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