John Howard’s Friends at the Fund Academy

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John Aikin noted that John Howard studied at “Mr. Eames’ academy” (the Fund Academy at Moorfields), probably about 1740.^ Brown (1818) affirms that Howard studied under Eames. Brown adds:

Amongst his fellow pupils in this seminary was the late celebrated Dr. Price {Richard Price}, with whom he contracted a friendship, ending but with life. To the same source was he {Howard} also indebted for his first acquaintances with several highly respectable dissenting ministers of different denominations, who were, in after life, numbered with his most intimate associates and sincerest friends.

In a Mar. 23, 1788 letter from Howard to Price, Howard stated, “I often with pleasure think of our long friendship, the share I had in the esteem of your good Unkle {Samuel Price}, and that of your nearest relations….”^ Samuel Price died in 1756. Howard must have become close to Price’s family before 1756. Aikin stated that Howard “probably had not a more intimate friend in the world than Dr. Price.”^ Price, in turn, referred to Howard in 1787 as “one of my best and most intimate friends.”^

Howard also formed a life-long friendship with John Densham, a tutor at the Fund Academy.^ Howard’s letter to Richard Price, June 13, 1770, asked Price to “remember me” to “Mr Densham.”^ Samuel Whitbread’s son gave Densham an annuity after Howard’s death.^ Samual Whitbread and Howard were neighbors and close friends, while Whitbread and his son apparently had no direct connection to Densham. Whitbread’s benefaction to Densham probably recognized Densham’s relationship with Howard.

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