open letter to Jeannie Suk on At Home in the Law

Harvard Law Professor Jeannie Suk’s 2009 book, At Home in the Law, is a leading legal analysis of the criminal justice response to domestic violence.  The Communicating with Prisoners Collective reviewed Suk’s book. A member also sent Suk the following email (bare links have been made into relevant text).

Dear Professor Suk,

Thank you for your courageous work on criminal law and domestic violence. Thank you for speaking publicly about the difficulties in sharing knowledge and legal expertise concerning rape. Being at home in a law school, like other homes, has disappointing, frustrating, and depressing times.

We have studied in detail your book At Home in the Law. You might find interesting our review of your book, and our review of reviews of your book. See:

review of Jeannie Suk’s book, At Home in the Law

Some reviews raised factual questions about your work. Those questions seem to us to be superficially and unartfully rhetorical. But if you are interested in pursuing the factual issues further, we have collected a large amount of data concerning the issues you addressed. See:

data and statistics on criminal justice response to domestic violence

Regarding the difficulties of teaching rape, we were traumatized by reading an article on rape in the University of Chicago Law Review by leading law professors. Here’s some analysis of that article:

law professors’ reckless proposal for criminalizing sexual conduct

Here’s some additional scholarship that is deeply disturbing:

constituting men as the criminal sex under law

Examining and thinking about much public discussion of domestic violence should be traumatizing. Please dare to consider:

promoting criminal suspicion of men within the home across major spheres of public discourse

We wish you intellectual courage and joy in the coming year.


Communicating with Prisoners Collective

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