Domestic-Violence Homicides and Suicides

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Estimates of suicide death share and homicide-suicide death share for domestic violence fatalities, with calculation of attribution of suicides to domestic violence by sex, based on National Violent Death Reporting System, in U.S. about 2011. With data on family violence deaths in Connecticut and review of domestic violence fatality counts in official domestic-violence fatality reviews.

Dataset sheets:

  • NVDRS summary: suicide death share and homicide-suicide death share among domestic-violence fatalities, estimated from National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) data for US, 2011
  • victim suicides: suicides with intimate-partner problem as precipitating circumstance, by sex, national estimates and Utah data
  • CT family violence deaths: family violence fatalities in Connecticut; incidents, homicide victims, suicides following homicides, suicides / all deaths, suicide incidents / all incidents, homicide-suicide death share, annually 1992-2011
  • fatality reviews: homicide-suicide statistics from domestic violence fatalities reviews
  • fatality review scope: gender, relational, and circumstancial scopes of domestic violence fatality reveiws
  • NVDRS WISQARS queries: source data queries used in NVDRS summary sheet

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