Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence in New York

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Estimated domestic-violence restraining orders in effect and issued in New York State in 2008, domestic-violence incidents known to police by police-identified-victim sex, arrests for domestic violence among other arrests for interpersonal violence, dual arrests by sex, attributes of incidents reported to police.

Dataset sheets:

  • summary: estimated restraining orders and arrests for domestic violence in New York State in 2008, with shares in relation to over-all criminal justice system activity
  • restraining orders: model of restraining orders for domestic violence issued and in effect in 2008; restraining orders issued annually and orders registered in domestic violence registry, annually 1996-2012 (as available), subcategorized by court type; comparative data on incoming domestic-relations protection order cases in New York State from the National Center for State Courts
  • DV victims (police): domestic violence incidents reported to NYS law enforcement, annual total 2000-2011, by victim sex and offense type, by county, victim sex and offense type for 2011
  • all arrests: arrests of adults in New York State, annually 2002-2011, by offense type
  • dual arrests & sex: dual arrests for domestic violence in eight sites in New York State, 1996-1997; dual arrests in Brooklyn, Nov. 27, 2007 to Dec. 31, 2009
  • police incidents: attributes of domestic violence incidents reported to police in New York, 1997 and 2000
  • FBI arrests 2008: FBI data on arrests by state and charge, 2008, for estimating other assault arrest shares

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