Civil Protection Order (Restraining Order) Cases Initiated in U.S. in 2008

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Estimated number of civil protection order (restraining order) cases initiated in U.S. in 2008, based on National Center for State Court incoming case statistics.

Dataset sheets:

  • protection order summary: incoming domestic-relations protection order cases by state annually 2003-2010 (ex. 2005-2006), with unified estimate for 2008 to lessen amount of missing data, with estimate orders per state per 1000 adult persons
  • domestic case dataset: civil protection orders (cpo) within domestic relations case dataset (incoming cases) from 2003 to 2010 (ex. 2005-2006); more detailed compilation of source tables in National Center for State Court incoming case statistics. Includes court groups and additional incoming domestic relations case types, e.g. divorce / dissolution, paternity, custody / visitation, support, and adoption
  • source notes: table notes for relevant tables from National Center for State Courts, Examining the Work of State Court, annuals
  • additional data: percent of Total Incoming Domestic Relations Caseloads by Case Type in 2008, for states not reporting protection order count
  • adult pop: Census data on adult population by state for 2008 estimate of protection orders per 1000 adult persons

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