Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence in Connecticut

face of a prisoner

Restraining orders annually, 2009-2012, by ex parte or order after hearing; arrests for family violence annually by sex and by single / multiple arrests and as share of all arrests, characteristics of family violence arrests, inc. restraining order, weapon, and injury, domestic-violence deaths, including murder suicides.

Dataset sheets:

  • restraining orders: Family Violence Protective Order 46b-38c, Standing Criminal Restraining Order 53a-40e, Restraining Order Applications 46b-15, Ex Parte Restraining Order 46b-15, Restraining Order After Hearing 46b-15, annually 2009-2012; criminal prosecutions for violations of restraining orders
  • DV arrests: family violence arrests in Connecticut annually 1992-2011, with sex of police-judged DV victim and sex of person arrested, categorized by single-arrest and multiple-arrest incidents
  • DV factors: restraining order, weapons, and injury characteristics of family violence arrest incidents in Connecticut, annually 1992-2011
  • DV deaths: family violence deaths in Connecticut annually 1992-2011, including category of murder / suicide
  • all arrests: arrests annually by offense in Connecticut, 1985-2011, with offense type subtotals

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