Prisoners in the U.S. from 1850

face of a prisoner

Prisoners (including jail inmates), prisoners per 100,000 population (imprisonment prevalence), and prisoner sex ratio in U.S., 1850-2010 (sex ratio from 1880). Based mainly on national census data, adjusted to consistently included unsentenced prisoners.

Dataset sheets:

  • prisoner population summary: prisoners counts (by sex from 1880) for years of decennial national census, with calculated imprisonment prevalence
  • probation, parole, prisoners: correctional populations by type of correctional supervision, yearly 1980-2009, with calculated imprisonment prevalence
  • legal status: prisoners (inmates) in jails by sex and legal status (sentenced or unsentenced), 1880-1970
  • nonpayment of fines: prisoners in the U.S. for nonpayment of fines, 1880-1933

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