Imprisoned Debtors in England about 1800

face of a prisoner

Prison populations of debtor-prisoners, commitments, sex ratio of imprisoned debtors, familial relations of imprisoned debtors, and the legal process of debtor incarceration.

The prevalence of imprisonment for debt probably peaked in England about 1670. Nonetheless, imprisonment for debt remained significant about 1800.

Dataset sheets:

  • total stats: total number of imprisoned debtors according to various sources, 1776-1820
  • sex ratio: data on ratio of male to female debtor prisoners about 1800.
  • family relations: share of male debtors with wives and children
  • families in prison: wives and children living in prison with imprisoned male debtors
  • commitments by prison 1800-18: commitment of debtors to individual prisons in 1800, 1810, and 1818
  • debtor returns 1792: prisons reporting number of imprisoned debtors
  • Duffy commitments 1798-1818: total debtor commitments yearly, according to Duffy
  • legal process: size of debt and legal procedure by which debtors were imprisoned (bailable writes, mesne process, etc)

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