Prison Libraries Book Holdings and Circulation After 1980

face of a prisoner

Book holdings and book circulation for U.S. prison libraries after 1980 from data reported by prison library surveys and individual state prison systems.

Dataset sheets:

  • comparison 2000: estimate prison library book holdings and circulation per prisoner, with comparison to corresponding figures for public libraries
  • summary 2000: prison library book holdings, circulation, and library use summaries from different surveys and reports of individual state prison systems
  • NAAL 2003: prisoners’ use of libraries, compared to non-prisoners (public) use of libraries, from the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy
  • CA-01-02: California state prison libraries book data, fiscal year 2001-2002
  • IN-05: Indiana state prison libraries book data for 2005
  • MA-05: Massachusetts state prison libraries data for 2005
  • subsequent sheets {state abbrev. – year }: data for state prison library for indicated year
  • npls 1990: prison library data from the National prison library survey, 1990
  • others: miscellaneous state prison library data

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