Geography Crosswalk for Criminal Justice and World Development

face of a prisoner

Crosswalk for geographies in World Bank World Development Indicators, Prison Studies prisoner dataset, UN Human Development Report, and UN Crime Trends Surveys.

This crosswalk datase provides a table for matching records across the Adapted Walmsley Prisoner Dataset, datasets from United Nations Surveys of Crime Trends, World Bank World Development Indicators, and data from the United Nations’ Human Development Report. The country / jurisdiction names are from those included in the underlying sources. The dataset includes some jurisdictions that are under the control of other jurisdictions within the dataset. Mostly such jurisdictions are overseas possessions of particular countries. However, separate records also exist for other overlapping jurisdictions, e.g. United Kingdom: England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Use the rt field in the dataset to avoid double-counting overlapping jurisdictions. The crosswalk dataset is meant to be used with a relational database or similar database technology.

Dataset sheets:

  • crosswalk: for each geography, crosswalk across geography names and codes in the dataset. Includes geography attributes continent, region, and income group, as well as ISO code and sub-nation indicator.

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