International Criminal Justice Comparison about 1977

face of a prisoner

Compilation of data from the Second United Nations Survey on Crime Trends (1975-1980), with international comparison of sex ratios for criminal justice system occupational groups.

Dataset sheets:

  • summary stats: quartiles of sex ratios for police, prosecutors, judges, prison staff, and prisoners across criminal justice systems, with alternate subset to account for missing data
  • sex ratios c. 1977: sex ratios by jurisdiction and criminal-justice group about the year 1977
  • cts2 extract: extract of the relevant data from the Second United Nations Survey on Crime Trends (CTS2)
  • notes for c. 1977: to deal with missing data, available data across 1975-1980 are unified by the nearest available figure for 1977
  • cts2 dataset notes: textual description of data coding issues
  • variables: list of CTS2 data items, with data item descriptions
  • variables raw: an unprocessed version of sheet variables
  • geographies: list the the geographies (jurisdictions) for CTS data; typically, but not exclusively countries. Some subnational jurisdictions are included.

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