Criminal Justice Within the U.S. Federal Jurisdiction

face of a prisoner

Sex ratios of persons arrested, committed to prison, and in prison within the U.S. federal criminal justice system from 1998 to 2011. Data on suspects and cases closed by offense, but not by sex.

This dataset provide data, for the U.S. federal criminal jurisdiction, on arrest, prison commitments, and persons in prison at year-end, yearly by sex from 1998 to 2011. The workbook also provides additional data on suspects, defendants, and cases closed by offense. Those additional data categories have not been made publicly available by sex, but may be attainable through specific inquiries. All the data in this dataset are publicly available through a U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics online query tool for Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics.

Dataset sheets (all data by year, 1998-2011, for the U.S. federal jurisdiction / Federal Bureau of Prisons):

  • gender bias: sex ratios for arrests, commitments to prison, and person in prison
  • prison: person counts by sex for commitments and in prison
  • arrests: counts of arrests by sex
  • defendants: counts of defendants by criminal charge
  • cases closed: counts of defendants in cases closed by criminal charge
  • suspects concluded: counts of suspects in investigations concluded, by criminal charge
  • suspects initiated: counts of suspects in investigations initiated, by criminal charge

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