Sex Ratios in US Criminal Justice System

face of a prisoner

Sex ratios for police, judges, prison staff, and prisoners in the U.S. criminal justice system about the year 2005.

Compared to persons administering the criminal justice system, persons at the punishing end of the criminal justice system are disproportionately men. Moreover, sex ratios in the criminal justice system have to a greater extent become less male-skewed over time for groups other than persons incarcerated. The size and sex composition of police, judges, prison staff, and prisoners within the U.S. criminal justice system in the mid-2000s is consistent with those cross-national trends. These source-specific U.S. data augment structured data from the ninth and tenth United Nations’ surveys of criminal justice systems worldwide.

Dataset sheets:

  • groups by sex: data on federal, state, and local employment; includes prisons and jails

Related datasets:

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