Gender in Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence

face of a prisoner

Sex ratios of victims, offenders, and arrested persons for domestic violence offenses, with data on restraining orders by sex and serious domestic-violence injuries by sex.

Dataset sheets:

  • police DV reports by sex: sex ratios of victims, offenders, and arrested persons in U.S. domestic-violence police reports by state
  • restraining orders by sex: sex ratios for petitioners and respondents for domestic violence restraining orders
  • serious injuries by sex: visits to U.S. hospital emergency departments for injuries for domestic violence and all violence; intimate partner homicides and all homicides by sex
  • services for victims by sex: domestic violence victims served with emergency housing, transitional housing, and non-resident services by sex
  • NIBRS 2000: Victim and offender demographics by victim-offender relationship in U.S., 2000 (NIBRS, 18 states and District of Columbia)

Related datasets:

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