Log of Changes to this Ortext

* Dec. 13, 2014 *

corrected errors in datalinks manifest for dataset punishment-australia

commented out reporting on no change for datalink in datalinks upload (datalinks plugin)

* Nov. 25, 2014 *

corrected a few malformed hyperlinks in content

corrected capitalization inconsistency in dataset naming for datasets-victims-dv-ncvs and datasets-victims-injuries-nhamcs In datalinks and filenames, NCVS and NHAMCS are now consistently lower-case, as are otx-key and filenames generally.

corrected manifest.csv local hosting location

corrected otx-key for datasets prisoners-us-fed-state-1940 and punishment-australia

re-imported datalinks

uploaded corrected versions of datasets manifest.csv and manifest-admin


* Nov. 15, 2014 *

In Ortext theme, single.php, eliminated the category navigation link for the uncategorized category. Category navigation links (breadcrumbs) link to article sections (categories of posts). There are no and should be no uncategorized articles (posts).


* Nov. 14, 2014 *

updated manifest.csv, manifest-admin.xlsx, manifest-admin.ods, site-archive

in manifest.admin.xlsx, fixed incorrect formula on the local hosting page and fixed file location (url prefix) to go through wp-content

manifest.csv and manifest.ods updated accordingly

manifest.csv re-imported via Ortext Datalinks Importer to get correct datalinks meta-data in site archive


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