Sex Ratios in Punishment in Europe, 16th-19th Centuries

face of a prisoner

Sex Ratio of Persons Absent in Life-Disposing Punishment
(Europe, 16th to 19th Centuries)

Subject PositionMen Per WomanTimePlace
Sources for figures provided here.
dead (hung)6.71558-1608Danzig, Germany
dead (hung)1.61657-1707Danzig, Germany
dead (hung)about 81533-1632Nuremberg, Germany
dead (hung)about 1.81633-1722Nuremberg, Germany
dead (hung)8.01705-1730London and Middlesex, England
banished (to America)1.71719-1775United Kingdom
banished (to Australia)3.21795-1815United Kingdom
in prison41860-1865England and Wales
in prison3.11825The Netherlands
in prison4.11833Belgium
in prison3.91861-1862France (long-term confinement)

Sources for sex ratios:

For some additional data on sex ratios in punishment, and sex ratios at other points in the criminal justice process, see Feeley and Aviram (2010).

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