John Edmonds Public Standing in 1853

face of a prisoner

John Edmonds’ spiritualist beliefs became a subject of ridicule when Edmonds was up for renomination to the Supreme Court of New York State in 1853. Edmonds, declaring his acceptance of not being re-nominated in a letter to leading Democrat John Cochrane, noted that Cochrane informed him that in the Nominating Convention “it was freely and fully admitted that my ability, integrity and judgment were beyond dispute, and that my judicial reputation was unimpaired.”^ In a letter to Archibald Hilton, who received the nomination to the Supreme Court and who offered to withdraw in Edmonds’ favor, Edmonds wrote: “It was, as I have been informed, conceded at the nominating convention of both branches of the Democratic Party, that my private character and my judicial reputation were alike beyond impeachment.”^ John Edmonds’ record of accomplishments and public service was indeed extraordinary.

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