Prison-Specific Data for Major London Prisons Before 1850

face of a prisoner

Mainly counts of prisoner or commitments for various years before 1850, with some data on debtors. Reports of prison inspectors augmented with other data sources.

Dataset sheets:

  • missing from returns: estimates for Whitecross and Millbank prisons, missing from prison returns from 1836 to 1844
  • debtors 1816-26: debtors imprisoned in London prisons, yearly by prison
  • debtors 1830-4: debtors imprisoned in London prisons, yearly by prison
  • prisons, 1836: London prison populations from prison returns, 1836
  • Coldbath Fields, Clerkenwell, Fleet, Horsemonger, King’s & Queen’s Bench, Marshalsea, Millbank, Newgate, Tothill Fields, Whitecross, other prisons: miscellaneous prisoners statistics for named prison
  • list 1776: Prisons and Prisoners in the London area in 1776, according to William Smith, State of the Gaols in London
  • list 1725: Daniel Defoe’s list of prisons in London about 1725

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