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The authors of this Communicating with Prisoners ortext are the Communicating with Prisoners Collective (CWPC), with coordination by collective organizers James Publius (JP) Madison and John Howard. Substantive questions for the authors should be posted as comments to the relevant page of this work.

You should only submit comments that you provide to the public domain in accordance with the authors’ public-domain dedication of their work. Circumstances permitting, the authors will attempt to respond to comments posing substantive questions that the authors can usefully answer. Helpful comments may be incorporated into revisions of this work.

You can contact the authors by email at [email protected] The authors will not provide personal advice, personal research service, or personal interviews. You are more likely to get a response from the authors through a public comment than through an email message.

  1. Hello and thank you for providing this helpful and informative site.

    I cannot tell if you are still updating info. However, since the site is still live, I would like to inform you about a vibrant and successful inmate-run newspaper, The San Quentin News, which is currently distributed to every California prison as well as a few in other states. You can learn more at http://www.sanquentinnews.com.

    I am an outside volunteer with the paper (one of Many!) whose main job is to increase outside awareness of the paper thereby increasing the number of Donors who subscribe to our non-profit via Friends of San Quentin.

    Please write to me if you have questions. Thank you!!

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