Prisoners Worldwide by Jurisdiction and Sex, 2003 & 2010

Adapted Walmsley Worldwide Prisoner Dataset of prisoners worldwide by jurisdiction and sex for 2003 and 2010, with summary statistics on the prisoner sex-ratio distribution, by region, income group, and relative to parliamentary sex ratios. With corresponding gender and development indicators.

Prisoner Sex-Ratio Dispersion Index

The prisoner sex-ratio dispersion index is the natural log of the ratio of the 3rd to the 1st quartile in the distribution of prisoner sex ratios.

Prisoner and Judge Sex Ratios in U.S. by State, 2010

Prisoners and judges by sex and by state in U.S. in 2010, with sex ratios. Judge counts are for judges serving on state courts of general jurisdiction, the courts of first impression for most criminal cases Dataset sheets: judges, prisoners: counts of judges and prisoners by sex and by state about 2010. The judge counts […]