Prison Libraries Book Catalog Records, 1809-1877

About 6300 prison library books (author title, year and prison library in which held, some data on price of books) from fifteen prison library book lists for U.S. prisons, 1809 to 1877, with subject/type classifications.

ALA-Recommended Books for 2500-Book Prison Library in 1933

Title counts and shares and total prices by Dewey book class for American Library Association (ALA) list of books recommended for prison libraries in 1933. Book price data for individual non-fiction volumes by Dewey class. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, U.S. correctional education experts formulated lists of recommended books for prison libraries. […]

Prison Libraries’ Book Holdings and Circulation, 1940-1980

Prison library book holdings and circulation for individual U.S. state and federal prison libraries between 1940 and 1980, including data on prisoners in each reporting prison for calculating book holdings per prisoner and circulation per prisoner.

Prisoners’ Use of Media, US about 2003

Time spent reading and time spent watching television per person, prisoners compared to the general population, U.S. about the year 2003. Media use frequency and types of information sources.