Deep Anti-Men Bias Entrenched among Elite Criminal Justice Lawyers

Dear {eminent law professors X and Y},

You might find interesting this close reading of an aspect of the formal rational basis in U.S. v. Morrison (529 U.S. 598):

At the intake end of the criminal justice system, arrests for domestic violence now account for about 60% of arrests for interpersonal violence. Change in capacity to reason about domestic violence is associated with the development of mass incarceration:

Please take these issues seriously.

Communicating with Prisoners Collective

{response from eminent law professor Y}

I don’t usually respond to emails like this. But let me say: domestic violence against women has gone on far too long unpunished. If incarceration is the current response, I am not ashamed. I have serious difficulties with incarceration as the only penalty. That does NOT excuse violence perpetrated in women by men.

{our response}

Thanks for your response. You seem not to understand. See:

You should be ashamed.

{response from eminent law professor Y}


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