Winterbottom-1974 The elder Seneca declamations

face of a prisoner
Reference point: p. 455; Arellius Fuscus Senior, quoted in Seneca, Controversiae, 10.5.7. Fuscus, who flourished about the time of the birth of Jesus, was speaking on the topic of the Athenian painter Parrhasius allegedly torturing an Olynthian captive to serve as a model for a painting of Prometheus

reference-type: Book
author: Seneca, Lucius Annaeus and Winterbottom, Michael
year: 1974
title: The elder Seneca declamations
series: The Loeb classical library ; 463-464
place-published: Cambridge, Mass.,
publisher: Harvard University Press
note: Translated by M. Winterbottom. 17 cm. Latin and English on opposite pages. Translation of Oratorum et rhetorum sententiae, divisiones, colores. v. 1. Controversiae, books 1-6.–v. 2. Controversiae, books 7-10. Suasuriae.
pages: 2 v.
otx-key: Winterbottom-1974

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