Whalley-1997 Aristotle's Poetics

face of a prisoner
Reference point: pp. 73, 75 (Aristotle, Poetics, Ch. 6)

reference-type: Book
author: Aristotle and Whalley, George and Baxter, John and Atherton, Patrick
year: 1997
title: Aristotle's Poetics
place-published: Montreal ; Buffalo
publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
note: translated and with a commentary by George Whalley ; edited by John Baxter and Patrick Atherton. Poetics 24 cm. Machine generated contents note: George Whalley on the Poetis A Preface ix — On Translating Aristotle's Poetics 3 — The Poietic Art — A Note on the Text of the Translation 35 — Topical Summary 39 — Translation-and-Commentary 43 — Excursus Notes 140 — Appendices — A The Sections of a Tragedy 145 — B Wording, Lexis, and Principles of Style 147 — c: Critical Problems and Their Solutions 152 — The Aristotle-Coleridge Axis 157 — Index 181.
pages: xxxvi, 186 p.
otx-key: Whalley-1997

Full text: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/fy02/2001524040.html

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