Warmington-1935 Remains of Old Latin

face of a prisoner
Reference point: p. 581

reference-type: Book
author: Warmington, E. H.
year: 1935
title: Remains of Old Latin
series: The Loeb classical library
place-published: Cambridge, Mass., London,
publisher: Harvard University Press; W. Heinemann, ltd.
note: newly edited and translated by E.H. Warmington … front. 17 cm. Latin and English on opposite pages. I. Ennius and Caecilius.–II. Livius Andronicus, Naevius, Pacuvius and Accius.–III. Lucilius. The Twelve tables.–IV. Archaic inscriptions.
pages: 4 v.
otx-key: Warmington-1935

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