Mithen-2005 The singing Neanderthals : the origins of music, language,

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reference-type: Book
author: Mithen, Steven J.
year: 2005
title: The singing Neanderthals : the origins of music, language, mind and body
place-published: London
publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
note: Steven Mithen. ill., maps ; 25 cm. The need for an evolutionary history of music — The present. More than cheesecake? : the similarities and differences between music and language ; Music without language : the brain, aphasia, and musical savants ; Language without music : acquired and congenital amusia ; The modularity of music and language : music processing within the brain ; Talking and singing to baby : brain maturation, language learning, and perfect pitch ; Music hath charms and can heal : music, emotion, medicine, and intelligence — The past. Grunts, barks and gestures : communication by monkeys and apes ; Songs on the savannah : the origin of 'hmmmm' communication ; Getting into rhythm : the evolution of bipedalism and dance ; Imitating nature : communication about the natural world ; Singing for sex : is music a product of sexual selection? ; The demands of parenthood : human life history and emotional development ; Making music together : the significance of cooperation and social bonding ; Neanderthals in love : 'hmmmmm' communication by homo neanderthalensis ; The origin of language : the origin of homo sapiens and the segmentation of 'hmmmmm' ; A mystery explained, but not diminished : modern human dispersal, communicating with the Gods, and the remnants of 'hmmmmm'.
pages: ix, 374 p.
otx-key: Mithen-2005

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