Emerson-1883 Essays

face of a prisoner

reference-type: Book
author: Emerson, Ralph Waldo
year: 1883
title: Essays
place-published: Boston
publisher: Jefferson Press
edition: [Heritage anniversary
note: with critical introd. by Edward F. O'Day. 31 cm. "The first series, MDCCCXLI, and the second series, MDCCCXLIV, in one volume." "This edition is based upon the … edition created by John Henry Nash in 1934 for the Limited Editions Club." First series: History. Self-reliance. Compensation. Spiritual laws. Love. Friendship. Prudence. Heroism. The over-soul. Circles. Intellect. Art.–Second series: The poet. Experience. Character. Manners. Gifts. Nature. Politics. Nominalist and realist. New England reformers; lecture at Armory Hall, March 3, 1844.
pages: ix, 262 p.
otx-key: Emerson-1883

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