Berns-2004 Framing the victim : domestic violence, media, and

face of a prisoner
Reference point: p. 15

reference-type: Book
author: Berns, Nancy
year: 2004
title: Framing the victim : domestic violence, media, and social problems
series: Social problems and social issues
place-published: Hawthorne, N.Y.
publisher: Aldine de Gruyter
note: Nancy Berns. 24 cm. Zooming in (and out) on social problems — The landscape of domestic violence and the public's narrow picture — "I get my experience from the media" : using media to understand social problems — Women's magazines : the victim empowerment frame — Social problems as inspiration, entertainment, and emotion : women's magazines and other entertainment media — Men's and conservative political magazines : the antifeminist frame — Liberal political magazines : the social justice frame — Framing the victim — In search of a new social problem about violence.
pages: x, 194 p.
otx-key: Berns-2004

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