Prisoner Sex Ratios in Public Discussion

face of a prisoner

Prisoner sex ratios reveal fundamental structural properties of public discussion. Prisoner sex ratios have varied enormously historically. Prisoner sex ratios vary enormously internationally. Punishment is a fundamental state responsibility. The structure and administration of punishment by sex would seem to be an important political issue for public discussion. That’s particularly true with intense concern for gender equality.

Extreme inequality in the prisoner sex ratio has generated little public concern, discussion, and action. When men’s voices have predominated in public deliberation, a high ratio of men in prison per women in prison has not been a public concern. On the other hand, the women and men who have fought valiantly for gender equality have shown no concern for the gender ratio of persons communicatively and physically confined in prison. Interests in promoting gender equality seems to be strongest in competition for elite statuses. A universal aspect of public deliberation has been little concern for the highly disproportionate disposal of men in prison.

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