Domestic-Violence Law and Policy Trends, US 1976-1996

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Reference point: sheet: criminalization trends

Indices of domestic violence criminalization, US annually 1976-1997, covering domestic-violence restraining order law, police and prosecutor domestic-violence policies, and services for women victims of domestic violence.

Dataset sheets:

  • criminalization trends: indices for state restraining-order law, police mandatory-arrest policies, prosecutors’ no-drop and legal advocacy polices, US annually 1976-1997
  • state restraining law: by state, first year in which state enacted statute specifying domestic-violence restraining order (RO), RO for non-cohabitants, warrantless arrest for violating RO, violating RO criminalized, madatory arrest for violating RO
  • city policing & prosecution: for each of 50 largest US cities, first year in which city established policies of mandatory arrest for domestic violence, mandatory arrest for restraining order violation, pro-arrest for restraining order violation, no-drop prosecution policy, and domestic-violence unit does legal advocacy
  • women victim services: domestic-violence shelter beds per 100,00 women and domestic-violence hotlines per million women for 50 largest US cities, annually 1976-1997
  • population 1990: census data on 100 largest US cities in 1990, with comparison to Dugan city-population list

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